Genre – Subgenre vs Trope

I love to organize anything, my closet, my pantry, my music, and definitely, my novels. However, there must be a key or a legend – a method behind the madness – to quickly find the thing you seek. I mainly read romance novels, except occasionally, I’ll dive into another genre that I label as Non-Romance novels. 

However, when it comes to finding my romance reads, I go down the rabbit hole a little deeper and categorize my readings by romantic sub-genres and then by trope.

What’s the Difference?

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Genre – Subgenre

As nouns, the difference between subgenre and trope, especially in literature, is that genre/subgenre is a stylistic category such as Romantic Comedy, where romance is the genre and comedy is the subgenre. Another example is the category of ice cream, where ice cream is the genre, and the different flavors of ice creams are the subgenre



While trope is something recurring across a genre/sub-genre that is commonplace or a recognizable plot element, theme, or visual cue that further conveys what the story is about, such as the “fake relationship.” Or the kinds of toppings you put on your ice cream. What are your favorite romance tropes? Or ice cream toppings?