Say You Do

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was my first read by Weston Parker and I really liked the story of Cyrus and Luna. My initial draw to the book was because it was written by a male author and I was curious about his telling from a “women’s perspective.” Kudos to Mr. Parker, the story was well written and different, they people seemed more realistic than some of the other characters I’ve read even though this is a billionaire romance and I do not know any billionaires personally.

A solid swoony romance novel. However, the book is labeled a bad boy romance and I just didn’t get that vibe from Cyrus. Yes, he was jaded with a potty mouth and pretty sure of himself in the bedroom, but I don’t think that is the definition a “bad boy.” I liked him and I thought the tension when they went to Venice was really great and I wasn’t expecting any of that to happen so it was a pleasant surprise.

An overall enjoyable read.

Synopsis: Cyrus Coning, 32, is a divorce confident billionaire businessman who no longer believes in the intuition of marriage. Now, his brother Peter is getting married but Peter and his fiancée can’t get off work to plan their wedding so Cyrus reluctantly steps up to help. His first assignment is the florist, and he can’t get past the uncomfortable feeling of protectiveness that overcomes him when he meets the whimsical beauty that looks like Snow White, Luna Willet.

Luna, 28, hasn’t given up on love despite being duped by losers in the past. The optimistic florist has always dreamed of her own wedding, and she isn’t going to let anyone take that dream from her. She has, however, leaned some lessons. When a strange man steps in to argue with a vendor on Luna’s behalf, she initially resents the interference, yet she can’t help but be grateful. Once she learns his task, she immediately offers her assistance with the wedding planning as repayment for his earlier help. She certainly has connections in the business, but it is also a way for her to dream about her own wedding, the one that she expected but never had. 

While making wedding plans, they become attracted to each other and decide to do a trade that makes them friends with benefits. However, when Luna joins Cyrus on a business trip to Venice, Italy things change. Now their hearts are in danger.

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