Misogynistic? Yes!

The Hunter

(Boston Belles #1)

by L.J. Shen

I am usually a sucker for a dirty bad boy, steamy erotic sex romance novel as much as anyone who reads this genre, but this guy? Hunter Fitzpatrick’s character crosses the line between a lovable man-whore and a misogynistic pig. Usually, if I start hating a character the author finds a way to make me love him/her in spite of their awfulness. L.J. Shen doesn’t accomplish this here (for me at least) or maybe I’m just not a fan of her writing. Hunter Fitzpatrick really is disgusting. I kept hoping to find something redeemable but no, I couldn’t and I couldn’t believe that all of a sudden the light bulb goes on over his stupid head and he sees the light. Hunter and Sailor (the female protagonist) were too young to show any growth, maybe if this story had taken them through years rather than months it would’ve been better.

However, this book did have some great and not so great lines. My favorite line is the one at the beginning of this reveiw.

Here are a few of my NOT so favorites.

Chapter One begins with Hunter laying on the floor. 

“I gathered I’d crashed on the floor again. And by the sticky feeling in my groin, followed by the breeze rolling through my neatly trimmed pubes, I knew I’d shoved my cock into holes I shouldn’t have the night before, and I was gloriously naked.” ― L.J. Shen, The Hunter

Another not so nice line:

“Taking your coffee with milk is like going down on a woman with a condom on your tongue. The Italians would exile you for less,”
― L.J. Shen, The Hunter

There are too many nasty quotes to list but the fact that Hunter has an extremely high IQ (really?) is just lame.

And, I haven’t mentioned Sailor!

Sailor is NOT what I expected from Troy and Sparrow’s daughter. Again, the cliché of a beautiful Swan hiding in an ugly duckling but she is too bland. There is no way, Hunter would become attractive to Sailor, let alone fall in love with her.

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