Spellbinding in October

Mortal men. What flaw was it in their ape brains that convinced them their schemes were paramount to everyone else’s?

— Luanne G. Smith, The Vine Witch #1

** This book is part of a series but there are NO cliffhangers. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

The Vine With

(Book #1)

by Luanne G. Smith

★★★★★ – A MUST READ

Extremely original! I have never heard of a vine witch but this book is spellbinding (pun intended) and a must read for the Halloween season. The premise of a type of witch that is attached to a vineyard was enchanting and Smith’s world building was eloquently written. A unique combination of witches, wine, murder, and a little bit of love and I really enjoyed it.

From the Editor

It starts with a toad. A slimy one, too, warts and all. But as you may have guessed, with witches involved, this toad just happens to be enchanted. This toad, in fact, is the witch—and now that she’s free, she’s out for revenge against whoever has cursed her.

Elena Boureanu, former toad, is a vine witch. Her magic is responsible for creating some of the best wine of the age, and her legacy is all but ruined when she finally returns home. The vineyard’s new owner may be handsome, but he’s a city man of science who knows nothing about the valley’s vine witch tradition. And on top of that, Elena can clearly detect dark magic surrounding the estate. She knows her own curse must be connected to the hex on the fields, and she vows to put her world back into balance.

Elena’s story of redemption may be fantasy, but it feels real enough to touch. Reading this novel is like falling into an Instagram picture—atmospheric, and surrounded by the smells and tastes of the natural world. I hope you’ll fall with me. 

– Adrienne Procaccini, Editor

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