Made of Steel Series by Ivy Smoak


Made of Steel

My rating: ★★★★☆ – A FABULOUS READ

“Summer fell in love with the boy next door when she was six-years old…”

The new covers are gorgeous! Beware, I will never give books with Cliffhangers 5 stars! However, all books are available and currently are on Kindle Unlimited, so Yay!

I’ve recently stumbled upon Ivy Smoak’s work, and I really like her style of writing. I’m excited to continue to read her novels.

Although, the series could’ve used a really good editor as it dragged in books 2 & 3 I enjoyed reading the trilogy, it was well written and the author did a good job keeping the reader guessing as to who the mysterious V is, and portraying the heroine’s paranoia.

The first book is awesome! The heroine, Summer/Sadie, has a tragic upbringing, and my heart goes out to her. We meet her as a young girl full of hopes and dreams with an outgoing personality. Now, she’s 18 and all kinds of messed up. My only issue with Book 1 is sexually she doesn’t seem as messed up as she should be considering all that has happened to her, that’s all I’ll say so I won’t have to put in a spoiler alert.

(Made of Steel #2)

Forged in Flames

My rating: ★★☆☆☆ – A OKAY READ

“It’s hard to be consumed by revenge when my heart feels like it’s breaking in two.”

Forged in Flames, went down in flames for me. It dragged and ended in another cliffhanger! Have I stated how much I hate cliffhangers? Ugh! Why? This book could’ve been so much more with just a little editing. It was repetitive and to be honest somewhat boring, all I wanted to do was jump to the end to confirm my suspicions of V’s identity. I’m glad they were free with Kindle Unlimited.

(Made of Steel #3)

Carved in Ice

My rating: ★★★☆☆ – A GOOD READ

“When I was little, I dreamed my life would be a fairy tale. But it just so happens that I don’t need a knight in shining armor to save me anymore.”

I went back and forth between giving this book 2 stars or 3 stars, but between books 2 and 3, I ended up giving Carved in Ice 3 stars because it was the final book and all questions get answered! Hooray. Although, I pretty much skimmed through it, because everything was too drawn out and the characters kept repeating themselves. Like I said in the beginning, this series could’ve been awesome with some decent editing.

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