Drama, Vampires and Angels, Oh my!

“Be careful who you trust, for even the Devil was once an Angel.”

― Bianca Scardoni, Inception

** This book is part of a series and ends in a cliffhanger. However, all but the last book have been published. Last book is due December 2020**


(The Marked #1)

by Bianca Scardoni

★★★★★ – A MUST READ

INCEPTION is the enthralling first installment in The Marked series. A YA paranormal romance full of atmosphere, supernatural adventure, and jaw-dropping twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page. ~ Amazon

If you are going to read and review a YA, then don’t complain about too much teenage angst. Its YA people, that is what young adults do!

So, yes, this story is filled with lots of teen angst but with any good coming of age story, the heroine’s character matures. Also, any teen paranormal worth it’s weight has a love triangle and Ms. Scardoni does not disappoint. Finally, the story ends in a huge, huge cliffhanger! Which I hate! I never ever read stories with cliffhangers until all books have been published. I didn’t know there would be a sixth book coming in December. So, I’m not happy with myself for reading this series before the final book is published but it’s an awesome story and if you are a YA paranormal fan this one is for you!

Goodreads.com Book Description

where the secrets and lies are as thick as the fog that blankets the town.

17 year-old Jemma Blackburn knows vampires are real. She watched one murder her father eight months ago. They tried to convince her otherwise, tried to tell her she’d lost touch with reality due to the trauma, but she knows what she saw was real. And now they’re after her again.

What she doesn’t know is that there’s a lot more to the seemingly coincidental bulls-eye on her back. These vampires—or Revenants as they’re called—are seeking her out for a reason. Because she’s Anakim; a powerful Descendant of Angels…and she isn’t the only one. That gorgeous guy who keeps popping up all over the place? He’s one too, and he’s about to turn her world completely upside down.

What she soon discovers will force her to come face to face with a far more sinister world than she ever knew existed. A secret caste of ethereal bloodlines, a love-triangle chock-full of lies and deceit, and an unrequited destiny that would place her in the perils of the very darkness she has worked so hard to outrun. Can she forge her own future and change that which has been fated? Or will she find that some things are inevitable, no matter where you go…or how fast you run.

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