Kyle & Meredith

Drawn Deeper

(Lockhart Brothers #3)

by Brenda Rothert

“It had been the best night I could ever remember having. Everything about Kyle was good and right and hopeful. I hadn’t felt imperfect or wounded all night. But he was Reed’s brother. My first love. My only love. I didn’t want that to be an issue, but it was. It had to be. Not just for me, but for him. I was Meredith Hobbs, after all. The woman who could never outrun her reputation. At least, not in Lovely.”

— Meredith, Drawn Deeper, Lockhart #3 by Brenda Rothert

 Drawn Deeper is the third book in this series and the above quote sums up the premise nicely. Meeting him in the first two books, I was really looking forward to Kyle’s story and the fact that his second chance is with Meredith, Kyle’s brother Reed’s ex-fiancé made it even better. My only complaint, is that I wished it would’ve been longer, but I feel that way often with romance reads. I guess that’s the point, leave the reader wanting more! However, Rothert didn’t disappoint, this story was the epitome of second chance romances. Also, this was the steamiest out of the series.

This series is wonderful and I highly recommend reading in order although you don’t have to as each book is a standalone.

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