Ivy & Reed

Deep Down

(Lockhart Brothers #1)

by Brenda Rothert

You know when you read reviews and the reviewer says, “I read it start to finish! Had me at the first page.”? Well, I’ve read a lot of those and came away not having that same opinion. So, when I say that this book had me on the first page, I mean it, and I hope if you read it you feel the same.

The first in the Lockhart Brothers series. Reed Lockhart, the brother who is finally back in Lovely, MO, after being left at the altar years before and Ivy, the determined yet hesitant waitress with a tragic past and young son, who she’ll do anything to protect.

Spoiler Alert I never read a story where there was incest. However, reading Ivy’s backstory was so heartfelt I cried within the first few pages. Rothert gave us the complete story of Ivy’s horrific past and how she managed to survive her last months in high school as a pregnant teen, shunned by everyone around her, and forced to deal with her alcoholic father. Finding the savior in her teacher April and discovering that there is good in the world. Although the author takes poetic license with April, as a teacher would never be allowed to take in a student, I don’t find it a problem that some reviewers stated.

When Reed makes his entrance, Ivy is now on solid ground, with a job she likes and a family in the form of diner owners Gene and Margie, whom she loves. It’s the right time for Ivy and although she has some issues still deep within her, the slow burn that is her romance with Reed touched all the right spots for me.

Both Reed and Ivy have their issues but these two have a sweet chemistry that can’t be denied. Reed is beyond tender and there is a subtle sexiness about him that even Ivy can’t resist. Not to mention how easily he fits in with Ivy’s 3-year-old son Noah and how seamlessly he picks up his life back in Lovely with 3 of his 4 brothers and the very funny banter between the brothers.

I hope the rest of the series is just as good.

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