Midnight Sun

A big disappointment, the book should’ve sold for $.99 NOT $14.99

Oh Boy. As a Twi-Mom, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga will always hold a special place in my reading heart. My daughter was at the perfect age to become entranced in the series. I always read to her as a toddler but then between having to learn how to read and required reading for school she lost the drive to dive into YA stories. Twilight turned that all around for her. We read the stories together, we discussed them extensively, saw the movies, downloaded the music. She even had the poster on the wall. It was the culmination of her pre-teen youth.

However, I read the draft that was released with out the author’s permission and you know what? The newly released Midnight Sun contained the exact typos that were in the draft. Did anyone edit this? It appears that Ms. Meyer must have written this along time ago, submitted to her publisher where it must of sat on a desk somewhere for 15 years and someone, somewhere says let’s run with that old manuscript.

Not only was it poorly edited but some scenes weren’t even fact checked. In MS, Edward takes Bella to the prom in his Volvo, but in Twilight they drive in his Vanquish.

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