The Next Steel Generation


Bella by M.J. Fields
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the sixth book in the Men of Steel Series by MJ Fields. I absolutely love the Steel men but Jase is my favorite and I was over the moon when I saw his oldest daughter, Bella had a book. Bella Steel hasn’t had it easy being the daughter of Jase Steel and the niece of four over protective uncles. When she was sixteen Jase gave her four rules to live by :

He calls them the four D’s and Bella has made it her mission to break every one of them. It’s the day before her college graduation and she’s decided it’s time to break the final rule. She ends up at Body Art, a tattoo shop in NYC with her three roommates.


Carter “Tags” Taggart is a single father to three year old Luna and a tattoo artist. His best friend, Sisco owns Body Art and one day he’s there hanging out with him when a gorgeous girl walks into the shop. Sisco is about to close up the shop but Tags offers to stay and work on her. The chemistry between Bella and Tags is off the charts and the tattoo he gives her is foreplay for what’s to come.

Bella’s tattoo isn’t some spur of the moment decision, she’s put a lot of thought into it. She wants to honor the four women in her life that have given her inspiration through BEAUTY, WISDOM, STRENGTH, and LOVE. Beauty is for her biological mother who died giving birth to her. Wisdom is for her maternal grandmother who raised her from birth till eight when she went with Jase. Strength is for Momma Joe who doesn’t let anything hold her back and Love is for Momma Carly who is the epitome of the word.

Tags takes her concept and makes it his own but he also adds something special to her tattoo so she’ll never forget him. After the tattoo they have amazing sex, he tells her he’ll be gone for six to nine months and they’ll talk when he gets back. She figures it’s a one night stand and she’ll never see him again having no clue he left a little reminder.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that I honestly wanted so much more for Bella. Tags isn’t a bad guy at all and he’d probably be great for someone else but not Bella. He’s twenty three years old, has an almost four year old daughter who was the product of a three-way one night stand, a crazy (soon to be) ex-wife, and he’s been arrested multiple times. I can’t see Jase or even Carly for that matter ever being okay with this guy for their baby. I’m anxious to read about the rest of the Steel kids especially Truth and Justice. (less)

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