A Family Affair

The Men of Steel Anthology: Steel Brothers - A Family AffairThe Men of Steel Anthology: Steel Brothers – A Family Affair by M.J. Fields
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The steam is OFF the charts and the characters were very unique. I recommend this series for anyone looking for pierced and tatted men and their love for feisty and unique women.

This box-set also included Forever Family and Family affair in addition to Jase, Cyrus, Zandor, and Xavier’s stories.

I look forward to reading more of the spin-off series.

Forever Steel:
This was a great introduction to the Men of Steel series, the guys and their family, and just the right amount of steam!

Jase is the story of Carly and Jase. He is a hot as hell, tattooed and pierced, bad boy Italian from Jersey. She is a gorgeous, blond college student from California. They meet through her cousin, his friend, and sparks fly instantly. What ensues is a very entertaining and hot love story, with a few tears mixed in. Parts of it were quite a roller coaster ride, perhaps a bit too long of a ride, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Jase and Carly: Summer Lovin’:
Jase and Carly: Summer Lovin’ continues their story. It is sweet, sexy, and funny…a very good, short read!

One love story. Two amazing characters. Book Three in the series…Four stars!

I am totally smitten with Cyrus. I love this story and did not want it to end. I have to say usually a heroine that is dependent on the hero turns me off of a book, but the way MJ Fields presented Tara and wove her into the story line, I loved her!

This was one amazing read…sweet, sexy…oh so hot…and funny at times (full on belly laughs). I loved this story, and the ending, but was sad to see it end!

I love the story of Zandor and Bekah almost as much as Tara and Cyrus’ story. It is a hot, fiery, and sweet love story. Their love story happens over a short period of time, but when you know you just know. You know? The ending was a little foreboding, and has me wondering what is to yet come. A solid 4 stars, possibly 4.5 stars!

I loved Xavier and Taelyn’s story almost as much as Cyrus and Tara’s story. Taelyn is a woman after my own heart, a spitfire that doesn’t put up with Xavier’s sh**. She is my favorite heroine of the four Steel wives. Xavier is the baby of the family and wants to prove himself, go at it on his own. With three older brothers trying to tell him what to do and give him the easy way out, that makes me respect his character even more. Xavier stands up to the Steel name, probably even more so than his brothers.

Xavier and Taelyn’s love story is unique, just like their characters. It doesn’t fit any traditional lines or even those set by his brothers. Their love story is fiery and passionate…and oh so HOT! Yet it is uniquely them…and I loved it! A solid 4.5 stars, so close to 5 I’m going with 5 stars!

Forever Family:
Forever Family is an update on each of the Steel boys and their girls. One chapter from each perspective and then a wrap up. I loved it! And it totally reinforced that Cyrus is my favorite, followed closely by Xander.

4 sexy,fun-filled stars!

This book was a great conclusion (although I hope not THE end) to the Men of Steel Series. Like Forever Family, it devotes a chapter to each of the brothers and their girls. It picks up where Forever Family leaves off…with the next steps in their relationships…and their family at Christmas. I loved it!

Raising Steel:
Raising Steel is Momma Joe’s story. She is a proud, strong, and determined woman who finished raising and cared for her family after her husband was taken from her too early. We get a bit of her back story in this Novella and then insight into her future. Such a great addition to the Steel family!

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