Red Team, books 2-4

Red Team Box Set (The Red Team #2-4)Red Team Box Set by Riley Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Awesome series.I’ve been on a military, damsel in distress reading kick lately. This is a great series I enjoyed this second book and have read it twice. I’m emotionally devoted to the series, and I’m following the author’s web-page.

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Leo “Panther” Gillonardo is a former SEAL who thought he knew the game better than most. He’s a professional, a tier one contractor. She’s the mission. Protecting Olivia Cox, the daughter of a White House aide should be his only objective. So why does he keep finding himself in her bed? Even if she’s fully clothed and terrorized by memories of her recent kidnapping. 
As the days pass it becomes nearly impossible to keep his growing attraction under wraps. With a drug cartel in hot pursuit, Panther and the Red Team have no choice but to take Olivia on the run. Alone in a beautiful mountain cabin, sparks fly. Giving in seems inevitable, and Olivia must decide if she’s all in or if she’ll fold as Panther plays a no-holds-barred game of the heart. 

A woman who betrayed her county. 
Violet Myers has a good reason for her treachery—better to sacrifice the few to save the many. The only problem is, no one believes her. With a platoon of Navy SEALs walking into an ambush, the stakes are high. Her only hope is convincing the sexy Jaxon “Blue” Cain she’s telling the truth this time. 
A man who took an oath to protect his country from all enemies—foreign and domestic. Jaxon “Blue” Cain bleeds red, white, and blue. The former Air Forces Pararescueman takes the promise he’s made to serve his country as an honor. Disloyalty. Dishonor. Deceit. The three D’s Jaxon hates the most—Violet has a lot to make up for before she’ll find redemption. 

They met in a bar. The sex was phenomenal. Then she walked away. 
That’s where the story should’ve ended, but when Ivy Matthews shows up in the middle of Zane “Viper” Lewis’s op she opened his eyes to a life the former SEAL didn’t know he wanted. Ivy’s thirst for revenge unstoppable, no one; not even the pragmatic Zane Lewis can quench her desire. Ivy is a closed book, she’s locked up tight and hides behind much-needed walls. But when Zane finds a crack in her armor, he exploits it, like any good tier one operator, he uncovers the secrets of her sordid past. 
But it’s too late. Ivy’s in the hands of a madman. Zane has one chance to recover the woman who has captured his heart. His perfect match. But as guilt bears down, this is one mission he may fail. Does love conquer all, or are the traumas of war too deep to heal? 

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