Get Lucky (Lucky In Love, #1) by Lila Monroe

Get Lucky (Lucky In Love, #1)Get Lucky by Lila Monroe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are looking to laugh out loud, Lila Monroe is your author. Her characters are wickedly witty, smart, strong women who are at times a bit clumsy.

Get Lucky is movie worthy frivolous fun.

I was busting out loud laughing as the couple tries to remember… “WTF did I do last night?” Each new memory is more outrageous than the last. It was also good and steamy with a little alcohol and a lot of suppressed emotions. Our main characters start their story not particularly liking each other, but as things moved along, we get to know them and their history.

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If Mr. Darcy was a modern man with a rolling suitcase, a stick shoved way up his ass, and no actual redeemable qualities, he might be this guy.


Synopsis: Julia is a successful romance writer scheduled to attend a readers and writers conference in Vegas. With a few commitments here and there, she is really looking forward to catching up with her agent Meredith, and and fellow romance author, Shanna. Julia has just signed divorce papers and is ready to let her hair down. When she runs into a man (literally) she thinks he is arrogant, rude, condescending and oh so handsome.

Nate is a divorce lawyer, the most unromantic profession in the world. With his negative experiences stemming from his career and recent nasty break up with a girlfriend who found her one true love…in someone else. It broke something in him and he turned into a working robot. No emotions and cutting comments guarantee that people don’t get too close to him. Then…this woman crashes into his world and she’s romantic, fun-loving and smiles. THE HORROR!!!

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