For the Love of a SEAL (Hearts of Valor #3) by Dixie Lee Brown

For the Love of a SEAL (Hearts of Valor #3)For the Love of a SEAL by Dixie Lee Brown
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A new author to add to my romantic suspense collection Dixie Lee Brown is now on my TBR list! A fast paced, action packed with a bit of mystery. Right away there is action and kept me turning pages till I finished it.This is a wonderful emotional story as Blake will go to great lengths to protect Tori and her son, while Tori finds strength that she did not know she had in the face of continuing attempts on their lives.

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Tori Michaels is desperate. Her husband Ken, former military, suffered from PTSD and died leaving her the sole support of their son. Now, she and her six-year old son Isaiah have already lost their home and now may be evicted from their rental. Her boss has told her that unless she gets an interview with former SEAL Blake Sorenson, she will lose her job. When Blake refuses to be interviewed Tori makes a quick decision and hops into Blake’s helicopter as he is leaving to deliver supplies. Blake works for PTS security and the supplies are for the “safe house” where his company is protecting a man and his family. Even though he is attracted to Tori, when incidents start happening Blake wonders if Tori is after an interview or involved with the hate group. If this is only about the hate group, then why is Tori a target? Tori, although attracted to Blake, swore that she would never get involved with another military man…too much heartache.

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