On a Tuesday (One Week #1) by Whitney G.

On a Tuesday (One Week, #1)On a Tuesday by Whitney G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whitney’s best book yet

At first I was skeptical. The story starts out like so many that I’ve read but Whitney’s spin on the jock and the tutor romance was unique and fresh. Great books make you cry and this was one was no exception it definitely had pulled on my heartstrings. I cried, laughed and was surprised when I found out what caused the rift in their relationship. I really enjoyed this story.

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Synopsis: Retired Army Captain Liam Brosnan and US Marshal Chelsea Kilpatrick are forced to question what they know about a murder that forces them together. Uncertain connections from Liam’s military career rope them into a cloak-and-dagger investigation that offers more questions than answers.

Being duty-bound while in the throes of grief is a dangerous mixture. They struggle with unexpected sparks of passion and question their loyalty to a woman they loved while a murderer closes in on his next target. 

Will the explosive solace Liam and Chelsea find in one another lead to a love neither expected? Or will it blind them to looming danger and death? 

THE SAVIOR is a standalone romantic suspense novel.

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