Dirty Headlines by L. J. Shen

Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Unfortunately, this book was not for me. 2.5 stars

I have no problem with dirty talk, sex, erotica, etc. And, I’ve read my share and no, not just FSOG. However, I could not connect with these two characters, especially the male lead, Célian Laurent. He’s too crude and found it hard to believe that any woman would find his pick up lines attractive especially in the first two minutes of meeting him. Maybe, after getting to know him, he’d be able to get away with these offensive lines.

Not five minutes after meeting her in a bar, he says,

“Because I’m above fucking a drunk girl, and I would very much like to fuck you tonight,” he said calmly.

Sorry dude, but in my book that would get you slapped immediately.

There is a fine line between creating an alpha male character that is desired, sexy, charismatic and lewd without him sounding like a complete ass. Plus, some of his thoughts, especially those directed at Jude, was unacceptable abhorrent and disrespectful.

“Snap out of it. She’s a hot piece of ass. The world is not running out of pussies. You have a plan. Stick to it. Judith was just a fuck. A brilliant fuck, but nonetheless a disposable one.

I didn’t find Jude’s character to be remarkable and her actions were half-hearted. Other than that, I did like her one-liners with Célian and inner dialogue with Jesus, that made me laugh out loud.

Jesusjesusjesus. The mouth on this guy. “Lady, if you don’t stop using my name in vain, I’m taking my complaint to a higher level,” Jesus grunted in my head.

There was no true evolution in their relationship, more of an abrupt change in Célian’s demeanor. I did not feel there was anything to deeply linked them. Other than their “uncontrollable and desperate” sexual attraction.

I finished the book because I wanted to see if my opinion about the story and Célian would change as it sometimes does. Characters are often written to be hated so they can grow and change the reader’s opinion of them. But this was not the case because Célian didn’t start to soften until more than halfway through the story and when he did it was abrupt and out of character.

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