Perfect for you

A Laurel Heights Novel #1

Perfect for You by Kate Perry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first time reading Kate Perry, I read the first three books in the Laurel Heights series straight through like it was one book! Of course, it was one book because I got it as a box set. They were so much fun!

The first thing that drew me in was Freya’s job as I too am a graphic designer. However, that is where our similarities end because I’m not going to look for love on Craigslist and I suggest you don’t do that either. This is fiction people, go with it.

Freya’s character was fun to read especially as she realizes how important chemistry is in a relationship and I very much enjoyed her combative relationship with her neighbor Greg.

This was a very enjoyable read with likable characters and some steamy scenes!

Freya Godwin’s creativity has gone MIA.

With Freya just hired to redesign the top adult website company in the country, her muse couldn’t have chosen a worse time to disappear. Determined to get her sexy back, Freya puts an ad online, hoping to find the right man to inspire her.

Unfortunately, all roads point back to her upstairs neighbor Greg Cavanaugh. He’s everything she doesn’t want: a playboy and scumbag lawyer. Except if he’s so wrong for her, why does being with him make her believe anything is possible?

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